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All sessions are confidential, but there are some exceptions, which are important to state and for the client to understand. Please ask me if you have any concerns or questions regarding the below.


  • I regularly attend supervision in which I discuss my clinical work. The client’s names and details are never identified in these sessions, but the work is discussed to ensure best practice.

  • I work under the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) Ethical Framework.

  • I may, in certain cases, need to speak to a client’s GP or other health professionals involved in the client’s care. This would usually be done with the client’s permission, but if there was an instance where someone was in real danger (either the client or someone we discuss) I would legally be required to do so with or without permission. But this is only in very extreme situations.

  • There are also legal requirements for me to break confidentiality around issues of Terrorism or Money Laundering offences.

  • In a court of law, I might be asked to answer questions about a client or present client notes. These notes are only obtained from me, through a court order. Otherwise all client case notes are kept completely confidential and under lock and key.

Cancellations and attendance:

  • One week notice of non-attendance. Where possible an alternative appointment will be offered.

  • If you do not attend the appointment or give less than 48 hours notice, the agreed fee will still be payable.

  • If you miss two consecutive sessions, with no notice, you will lose your appointment slot, so please keep me posted!

  • If you are late for a session, I cannot overrun to make up the time at the end of the session.

  • If you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol when attending the session, I will not be able to offer the session.

Ending counselling

  • It is recommended that counselling should not come to an abrupt end. Usually things come to a natural finish and we work towards an ending together over time. However, if this is not possible then I would recommend at least one or two weeks minimum to leave you in a comfortable state to end the work.

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